Fuel Surcharge Update Archives

Summary Excerpt: U.S. On-Highway Diesel Fuel Prices* (dollars per gallon)
East Coast
New England
Central Atlantic
Lower Atlantic
Gulf Coast
Rocky Mountain
West Coast
West Coast less California
Sep 18, 20234.6334.5374.5874.7484.4564.4924.3524.8645.6955.2606.192
Sep 11, 20234.5404.4794.4784.6514.4174.4274.2124.8105.5355.1535.970
Sep 05, 20234.4924.4744.4674.6254.4194.3834.1714.7275.3905.0285.801
Aug 28, 20234.4754.4754.4334.6164.4294.3854.1694.6585.3024.9735.678
Aug 21, 20234.3894.4224.4144.5534.3744.3024.0954.5005.1404.7945.535
Aug 14, 20234.3784.4024.3704.4994.3714.3174.0954.3945.0864.7105.518
Aug 07, 20234.2394.2484.2354.3954.1964.1953.9604.2884.9114.5385.339
Jul 31, 20234.1274.1534.1614.2914.1014.1053.8314.1274.7534.4015.158
Jul 24, 20233.9053.9714.1004.1483.8933.8143.6403.9744.5554.2174.944
Jul 17, 20233.8063.8794.0814.0923.7793.7263.5063.9274.4654.1314.848
Jul 10, 20233.8063.8584.0744.0783.7543.7423.5053.9394.4604.1464.821
Jul 03, 20233.7673.8114.0904.0713.6863.7043.4683.9504.4124.1094.762
Jun 26, 20233.8013.8534.1104.1023.7353.7343.5104.0224.4154.1234.751
Jun 20, 20233.8153.8664.1164.1263.7453.7393.5324.0324.4324.1374.773
Jun 12, 20233.7943.8604.1164.1373.7323.7173.4894.0134.4244.1424.750
Jun 06, 20233.7973.8474.1244.1643.7023.7323.4694.0444.4704.2144.765
May 30, 20233.8553.8864.1444.1903.7473.7813.5554.0774.5404.3054.810
May 22, 20233.8833.9124.1664.1983.7803.8103.5794.0884.5864.3784.825
May 15, 20233.8973.9324.2434.2383.7873.8233.5934.0894.5884.3824.825
May 08, 20233.9223.9864.3744.2893.8343.8273.6134.1054.6304.4384.847
May 01, 20234.0184.0734.4964.3383.9313.9173.7544.1464.6814.4894.903
Apr 24, 20234.0774.1514.5224.4454.0043.9843.8234.1244.6924.4594.960
Apr 17, 20234.1164.1984.5404.4864.0564.0273.8764.1044.6924.4564.963
Apr 10, 20234.0984.1994.5684.4834.0553.9683.8834.0954.6994.4464.989
Apr 3, 20234.1054.2264.5804.5274.0783.9523.8874.1504.7244.4425.047
Mar 27, 20234.1284.2414.6114.5514.0873.9743.8824.2314.8034.4885.165
Mar 20, 20234.1854.3094.6574.6474.1484.0213.9304.3504.8624.5155.260

Except as otherwise specifically provided, a fuel surcharge, will be determined by the U.S. National Average Fuel Index for diesel fuel as published by the U. S. Department of Energy. Hilco Transport, Inc. fuel surcharges are based on the Lower Atlantic prices. Refer to the website below. The current Diesel Fuel Index will be obtained every Monday and the fuel surcharge will be adjusted up or down as necessary based on the above referenced Index. For billing purposes, the fuel surcharge percentage is calculated based only on the freight charges and does not include any accessorial charges in its calculation.


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