Hilco Transport, Inc. has expanded both our dump and waste hauling service divisions with the addition of new steel dump trailers into our fleet.  These specialized scrap and demolition trailers are primarily based out of our Greensboro and Wilmington, NC terminals.  However, we also have trailers staged in a few satellite locations such as Durham, NC.  Though these sites are our primary terminals for local work, we also provide hauling services throughout the state of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and even parts of Georgia, Maryland, and Eastern TN for various projects and services to meet the evolving needs of our growing customer base.  It is hard not to see one of our signature yellow trucks that have become Hilco’s trademark traveling in these areas.

Features and capabilities of our elite steel dump trailer services include:

  • Steel 37ft & 38ft. MAC and Clement dump trailers geared to provide optimal loading capacity.
  • These frameless trailers are designed with high sides, barn doors, and abrasion resistant, high strength steel to handle rough material.
  • Primary products & materials that we haul include: various forms of metal (such as scrap, fluff, and residue); construction & demolition material; concrete; brick; rock; and stone; as well as various other aggregates and dump related materials.
  • Average hauling capacity is approximately 20.5-22 tons.
  • Electronic logging, tracking and communication with drivers available to enhance efficiency and safety.
  • The ability to handle large projects in various locations across the Carolinas, Virginia and TN.
  • Experienced drivers, proven to provide quality service geared to customer satisfaction.
  • Partnerships with some of the largest metal recyclers, contractors, demolition and waste companies in the states of NC, SC, and VA.

In addition to our steel dump trailers, we also have a fleet of tri-axle and quad-axle dump trucks that are based in Greensboro and Kannapolis, NC.  We offer both aluminum and steel bed dump trucks to meet the specific needs of each job or project we service.  Furthermore, we operate a fleet of aluminum, framed dump trailers, primarily based out of Wilmington, NC.  These trailers are used for services that do not involve rough material such as contaminated soil, dry bulk fertilizer and various other aggregates and dump related materials.  For special or unique hauling needs, we can also provide aluminum walking floor trailers.  Contact us to discuss your specific hauling needs further!

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