Since its inception in 1998, Hilco Transport’s Waste Division has steadily grown to become our largest hauling division.  Hilco Transport, Inc. offers waste transportation services to a broad range of customers including municipalities, industrial companies, and some of the largest providers of waste disposal and landfill services in the United States.  Today, Hilco Transport provides the transportation of municipal solid waste from fifteen different transfer stations in two states to several different regional and county landfills.  In addition to the transportation of MSW, Hilco manages and operates several MSW transfer stations, providing the loading services, personnel, and equipment.  Aside from several municipal and county agreements, Hilco also has transportation contracts with major waste companies conducting business in North Carolina including Republic Services, Waste Management, Waste Industries and Waste Connections.

RepublicWaste Management
Waste IndustriesWaste Connections
The waste division operates out of facilities in Greensboro, Kannapolis, Clinton, Durham, Wilmington, and Troy in North Carolina. We also have a terminal in Duncan, South Carolina as well as trucks in several small satellite locations throughout the Carolinas and Virginia. Therefore, it is hard not to see one of our signature yellow trucks that have become Hilco’s trademark while traveling in these areas.

Hilco Transport’s municipal solid waste hauling services are known for:

  • The ability to transport MSW in a timely, efficient, and environmentally safe manner.
  • Hands on management, proven experience, and one of the top safety ratings in the industry.
  • Utilizing the best available equipment. Hilco’s fleet is comprised mostly of late model Mack and Kenworth Tractors. Hilco’s trailers are manufactured by MAC Trailer and Titan Trailer to ensure the safest and most cost efficient equipment is utilized.
  • The use of tipper trailers, as well as self-unloading or “walking floor” trailers, in providing MSW transportation services. Standard tipper trailers are used when we are able to pair up with a hydraulically operated tipper transfer system located at the selected landfill. This provides for greater capacity per load of MSW, and therefore a lower cost per mile. However, at disposal facilities that do not have access to a tipper, walking floor trailers become necessary and provide increased flexibility.
  • Tractors and trailers that are compatible with the load-out areas of most typical transfer stations. Trailers are standard top-loading tandem-axle, non-compaction, with manually operated top covers sufficient to prevent blowing of material en route to the designated landfill. Top covers/tarps capable of installation and removal from the ground. Trailers are designed with floors aimed to avoid leakage during transport. For industrial applications, our walking floor trailers can loaded from a loading dock.
  • For special or unique hauling needs, we can also provide aluminum and steel dump trailers as well as waste water tankers. Contact us to discuss your specific hauling needs further!

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