Since the inception of our Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Division in 2005, Hilco Transport, Inc. has grown to be the third largest propane carrier in North Carolina and has continued to expand its product experience to cylinders, butane, Y-grade, and white gas or drip gas.

While our primary focus has been in the Mid-Atlantic areas, we continue to expand our services throughout the eastern United States from New York to Florida and westward from Ohio to Texas, including the southern states, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.

Our propane tankers are top of the line with 2005 models or newer manufactured by Mississippi Tank Company. Our elite fleet of propane tankers are equipped with:

  • A fleet of sleeper cabs to accommodate supply and allocation demands.
  • An 11,600 gallon capacity—much larger than many of the smaller tankers in use today.
  • LDS 60 passive shutdown system—the newest and most advanced system used in propane transportation.
  • Site flow indicators (site glasses)—the best tool to take the guess work out of determining if a tanker is totally empty after delivery.
  • Therma flow hydraulic drive system that replaces the outdated PTO shaft and pump system.
  • An auxiliary discharge valve mounted on the pump enabling us to pump product from one transport to another or from bulk storage tank to another bulk tank.

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