Hilco Transport, Inc. has over 70 years of experience and success in the dump truck business hauling aggregates, asphalt, as well as many other products and materials.  Contractors have come to know and respect us as one of the most trusted managers in the dump transportation industry.  Our reputation of versatility and dependability is built on a long history of experience, proven reliability and repetitive customer satisfaction.

The majority of our dump truck fleet is based at our corporate office in Greensboro.  We also have trucks positioned at our Kannapolis, NC facility, which services the Charlotte market.  Though these are our primary terminals for local work, we also provide dump truck hauling services throughout the state as well as Virginia, for various projects to meet the evolving needs and demands of our growing customer base.  It is hard not to see one of our signature yellow trucks that have become Hilco’s trademark traveling among the state.

Our workforce is among the best trained in the industry. Their experience and service assures customer satisfaction. Quality service is achieved through field supervisors, in-house maintenance, on-call service and a radio dispatched fleet of trucks.

Some additional features and capabilities of our elite dump services include:

  • Extensive experience hauling rock & stone, asphalt, road salt, contaminated soil, coal ash, sand, concrete, fill dirt, sludge, as well as other aggregates and dump related materials.
  • Mack and Kenworth late model dump trucks with top of the line safety features and technology.
  • Tri-axle and Quad-axle dump trucks including both aluminum and steel beds for various applications.
  • Average hauling capacities ranging from 16-21 tons.
  • Dump trucks that can offer barn doors, BST bars, pintle hooks, vibrators, tailgate dog, fold over tarp systems, and plow attachments.
  • Recently added on board cameras (AERs) on our new model trucks for enhanced safety and security.
  • Local delivery of aggregates, mortar & concrete sand for purchase from our Greensboro yard to contractors.
  • Partnerships with some of the largest contractors in NC.
  • The ability to partner with a MBE if needed. Please contact us for additional information.

In addition to our dump truck fleet, we also have aluminum, 26 ft. and 34 ft. dump trailers geared to provide optimal loading capacity for hauling dry bulk fertilizer, aggregates, dirt, fly ash, contaminated soil, sludge, or other similar materials.  Equipped with grain gates if needed, these trailers offer approximately 24 tons of hauling capacity. Our most recent addition to the fleet incorporates new steel dump, barn door trailers, perfectly designed to haul C&D material, concrete, or various forms of metal. We are excited about this new offering!  For special or unique hauling needs, we can also provide aluminum walking floor trailers.

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